Love in the Spotlight.jpg

Connor Knightly

Hollywood’s biggest star, and a product of Hollywood legends.

Connor needed the right actress for his new movie. He didn’t want the hottest or most popular actress, he wanted the perfect one, and Judith was the perfect woman for the role. This movie was his baby, and Judith was his star. He just needs to remember to keep his hands off of her. He didn’t want another relationship in the spotlight.

Judith Roux

The product of two people who needed to divorce.

Judith was ready to throw in the towel and give up on her Hollywood dreams, but not without a last hurrah. She took a chance, and it paid off. She was a relatively unknown actress, daughter of a porn film maker, a stepping stool for A-list celebrities, and she was going to star in a movie with The Connor Knightly. She wasn’t just going to star in the movie with him, she was going to be the star.

May contain strong language and/or sexual content. Reader’s discretion is advised.